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Window Update Support Number

Windows update is an important part of the successful running of your computer operating system. It protects your computer from malicious threats like cyber-attacks, hacking, viruses and other infected softwares. It not only provides your computer all round protection but also adds more features to enhance its functionalities to beat the market competition.How to Install Windows Updates
Windows updates are quite easier to be installed. You can directly install them from Microsoft’s website manually after downloading them to your computer. The Windows update service has evolved in the larger perspective. There used to be Windows update website earlier. You would have to visit their websites for windows updates. Presently, Windows have some important built-in features which are user friendly.
Microsoft remains alert all the time against rising software threats in the computer software. It keeps updating the computer operating system by adding new features which would give new experience to the end users. It provides the Windows update feature with its windows so that the user can update the computer window quickly. Though, Microsoft provides automatic update tool into your operating system or you can also update computer window by visiting Microsoft website.
There are three methods of Windows Updates which are as follows.

1. Install Updates for Windows 10 –It is very easier to install updates for Windows 10. Firstly, you go to the Start menu and then choose Settings followed by selecting the option Update & Security and click on Windows Update option. However, the downloading and installing updates is with automatic feature in Windows 10. Windows updates start functioning when you are not working on your computer. In general cases, your computer alerts you with the message “Windows updates Available” or “Check for Updates”. Just click the option for windows updates. Windows updates will start installing on your computer. When the installation of the Windows Updates is over, you should restart your computer for the better performance.

2. Windows Updates for window 8 or 7 – In Windows 8 or 7, the most suitable way for Windows update through control panel. Just go to control panel and select Windows update option. Sometimes, Window updates are available automatically or otherwise, you can install updates by choosing the check for windows update option depending upon your configured Windows on your computer.

3. Visit Microsoft’s Website for Windows Updates: Windows updates are also available on Microsoft’s Website. You just access Microsoft’s website in your internet explorer. You would find Windows updates are available depending upon your computer operating system. You just need to click Windows update option. The updates will start downloading. After that, just install them by clicking the options directed to you. Make sure when the Windows updates have been installed to your computer, you should restart your computer for updating its features.

So, Windows updates are necessary for the smooth functioning of your computer’s operating system. Through Windows updates, new features and functionalities are added to windows operating system for creating new user experience before you as per the demand of competitive business environment.